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    Pastitaly, the first totally automatic
    rapid fire pasta cooker machine, for
    easy pasta dishes and pasta sauces.

    Sep 09, 2012
    pasta vs pizza

    Fast Food Configuration

    Pastitaly is the perfect solution for realities without a kitchen and that would like to propose to their clients a good fresh cooked pasta dish. With this kind of configuration it is possible to select the quantity of dishes that you want to cook directly from a dedicated smartphone which communicates by a software installed into the computer. Pastitaly will memorize the quantity of dishes to cook and it will emit an acoustic sound to inform the operator every time that one dish is ready. Pastitaly can memorize an infinite number of dishes and supply them in a continuing way, guaranteeing the same cooking quality every time. The smartphone connection will inform the operator if the machine needs to be recharged or for any other things. The supplied pasta dish then will be dressed as the operator likes or directly by the client himself thanks to the special cover which allows a take-away use.

    Jul 05, 2012
    italian pasta

    Pastitaly is made in Italy

    Pastitaly: the Italian brand of always “aldente” pasta.
    Dry pasta cooked at more than 100 °C allows to the starches to become sugars in order to reach a high nutritional level and a great digestibility. Each machine can work 24 hours a day guaranteeing a constant level of productivity and high quality. Thanks to a water softener, the machine allows a correct use of the drinking-water and gives a guarantee both for the boiling devices with the absence of chalky residues, unpleasant smells or tastes, and for the quality level with the certainty to obtain always a good product. During the cooking process Pastitaly uses the salts of pasta so it will be possible to have the same typical taste and smell as a healthy and low-salt Mediterranean cooking.

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